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my little brother wrote about me for school and this was one of the sentences he wrote. im sobbing “my sister is my role model because she can watch 12 years worth of law and order in 3 months”

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#me watching doctor who

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i never understood in tv shows when they accidentally sent a text message to the whole school, first of all who has everybody in the school’s number, and secondly how do u even send mass text messages by accident

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genuine official poster for the 50th anniversary special, 100% not fake


genuine official poster for the 50th anniversary special, 100% not fake

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If Fox thinks that a Muslim can’t write a book about Christianity

would they agree that men can’t write legislation about women?


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River’s last kisses with her husband. I obsess over them.

She initiates the first one. He is taken a bit by surprise but honestly he does not protest much, in fact he kisses her back. His hand finds his way to her arm, then moves up into her hair. This is when River grabs him round the waist and pulls him in. Now only now does the doctor starts flailing his arms about but not once does he protest or try to push her away. River here is already married to the doctor, she’s kissing her husband, while the doctor’s kissing the woman he’s slowly falling for, for the first time.

Then we have their last kiss. He initiates it. Without any hesitation or doubt, he gently grabs her face and kisses her. These two, husband and wife, ghost or echo and widower, are now equally in love and equally heartbroken.

Her face in the last two gifs: in DotM gif she realizes this might be his first kiss, the dread of knowing the worst possible fate for her was drawing near. Then the worst did happen, she died, and then there’s her doctor, kissing her with all the love he can muster, holding her like she’s the most precious thing in the universe. She smiles, tears in her eyes, because she feels cherished and she knows without a shadow of doubt that she is not alone in this love story.

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the doctor’s costumes on display at the doctor who experience in Cardiff



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Can we appreciate that the Doctor’s first onscreen kiss in the new series was with Jack Harkness


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